James T. Kirk
James Tiberius Kirk, 2263
Name: James Tiberius Kirk
Status: Alive
Age: 30 (as of stardate 2263.45)
Date of birth: January 4, 2233 (stardate 2233.04)
Birthplace: Medical shuttle 37,
Date of death: 2259 (revived)
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Species: Human
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Profession: Starfleet Officer
Rank: Captain
Father: George Kirk (d. 2233)
Mother: Winona Kirk
Sibling(s): George Samuel Kirk
Marital status: Single
Other family: Peter Kirk (nephew)
Frank (uncle)
Aurelan Kirk (sister-in-law)
Played by: Chris Pine
Appears in: 4 films, 2 games, 4 novels, 42 comics

Captain James Tiberius Kirk (born January 4, 2233) is a 23rd century Human Federation starfleet officer, known for his encounters with Nero, the Gorn species and Khan Noonien Singh.

Born in space, Kirk was raised on Earth, in Iowa, where he eventually met Captain Christopher Pike, who inspired him with tales of George Kirk, giving him the initiation to join Starfleet.


Early lifeEdit

James T. Kirk was the son of Starfleet officer George Kirk, first officer of the USS Kelvin and his wife Winona Kirk. He was born aboard the Kelvins' medical shuttle no. 37, in the middle of an attack on the Kelvin by the Narada, a 24th century Romulan mining vessel commanded by Nero. Winona had been evacuated from the badly damaged Kelvin along with the crew and gave birth to James while George died piloting the Kelvin into the Narada. Kirk was named James Tiberius after Winona's father and George's father.

Kirk was raised in Iowa, in Midwestern North America, on Earth. His mother remarried. In his youth, Kirk was a bit of a rebel, even stealing his stepfather's 1965 Chevy Corvette convertible and driving it into a quarry. As Kirk grew up, he had no sense of belonging and by 2255, he was a rebel who had found himself on the wrong side of the law on more than one occasion.

While visiting a bar near the Riverside Shipyard, Kirk met and began flirting with a Starfleet cadet named Nyota Uhura. Although she was annoyed by Kirk's advances, Uhura was surprised that Kirk knew details of her field of study. Moments later, Kirk engaged in a bar fight with three male cadets who were disgusted with his attitude towards Uhura. Kirk was ultimately overwhelmed by the cadets until Captain Christopher Pike broke up the fight.

Pike attempted to persuade Kirk to join Starfleet, believing that he could do more than be a simple rebel. Kirk at first rejected the idea, but Pike spoke of his father's brave actions, giving Kirk the motivation to sign up.

Kirk rode onto the Riverside shipyard, gave his bike to a construction worker and boarded a shuttle for new recruits heading to Starfleet Academy. On the shuttle, Kirk met and befriended Doctor Leonard McCoy.

Federation Starfleet serviceEdit

Starfleet AcademyEdit

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)Edit

First officerEdit
Marooned on Delta VegaEdit
Acting captainEdit
Official promotionEdit
James T. Kirk Captain

Kirk takes official command of the Enterprise.

After the he and his crew returned to Earth, Kirk was commended by Admiral Richard Barnett for his actions and given official command as Captain of the Enterprise. Kirk dressed into his new uniform and took a seat on the bridge of the ship for the first time. Commander Spock arrived shortly after, informing Kirk of his request to stay on board as first officer, to which Kirk felt would be his honor.

Kirk then gave the order for Sulu to maneuver thrusters and for the ship to begin its journey into space under the official command of Captain Kirk.

Gorn encounterEdit

In 2259, James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encountered the Gorn, after they had attacked New Vulcan, with the species having exited a rip in the fabric of time due to a malfunction with the Helios device.

The crew encountered T'Mar and her father, Surok.

Rescuing T'MarEdit
James T. Kirk in 2259

Kirk carrying an unconscious T'Mar in 2259.

Kirk and Spock fought the Gorn commander. After a brutal battle, Spock killed him as Kirk rescued T'Mar. The three were then beamed back to the Enterprise, with Kirk carrying an unconscious T'Mar.

Nibiru missionEdit

After returning through the rip, Kirk had the Enterprise set a course for the planet Nibiru. Kirk and Spock both logged entries reporting on their thoughts at the aftermath of the Gorn mission. They both mentioned that the next mission to the planet Nibiru, is something that they looked forward to.

Saving SpockEdit
Kirk argues the Prime Directive

Kirk arguing the Prime Directive with Spock.

After leaping from the cliff side, Kirk and McCoy proceeded to swim and returned to the underwater Enterprise.

They both quickly returned to the bridge and spoke with Spock via his communicator. They argueed with each other over ways to save Spock from the volcano, including using the Enterprise to save him, but Spock informed them that he wished them not to, otherwise they'd violate the Prime Directive in revealing the Enterprise to the planets' lifeforms.

Dark rivalEdit

After the Enterprise crew encountered the Gorn, a man calling himself John Harrison attacked London, with a desire for vengeance against Starfleet.

Behind the ScenesEdit