James T. Kirk
James Tiberius Kirk (prime reality)
Name: James Tiberius Kirk
Status: Deceased
Date of birth: March 22, 2233
Birthplace: Iowa,
Date of death: 2371
Species: Human
Father: George Kirk
Mother: Winona Kirk
Sibling(s): George Samuel Kirk (d. 2267)
Marital status: Widower
Spouse(s): Miramanee (d. 2268)
Children: One unborn child
David Marcus (d. 2285)
Other family: Aurelan Kirk (sister-in-law, d. 2267)
Peter Kirk (nephew)
Unnamed 2 nephews
Tiberius Kirk (paternal grandfather)
James (maternal grandfather)
Played by: William Shatner
Appears in: 1 comic

Captain James Tiberius Kirk (March 22, 2233 – 2371) was a 23rd century Human. He died on Veridian III.



In 2258, after Spock was transported back in time, he informed an alternate reality Kirk that they were friends where he was from. Spock informed this Kirk that he and the prime Kirk were good friends where he was from.

In 2559, Kirk of the alternate reality mentioned in his Captain's Log that the prime Spock was right, that his friendship with Kirk was an important one, as the alternate Kirk had developed a strong friendship with the alternate Spock.