Kirk and Spock play 3D chess in 2259

Kirk and Spock play a game of three-dimensional chess in 2259.

Three-dimensional chess is a variant of the ancient Earth board game chess.

It was an accustomed pastime of Kirk and Spock aboard the USS Enterprise in the 23rd century.


Movement of pieces is similar to that of traditional chess. The main difference is that in the course of a move, pieces may move up or down any number of levels. According to the Star Fleet Technical Manual, the starting positions of King and Queen pieces are on their own respective attack boards with their own set of Rooks and Pawns. Knights, Bishops and the remaining Pawns occupy the first two ranks of each color's fixed boards. MovesEdit

  • Aldabren exchange
  • El-Mitra Exchange
  • Kriskov Gambit
  • Queen's gambit